Selected Articles: There is Hope for the Future. Populism in a « Complex Digital Age »
Par Global Research News, 27 janvier 2016

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Bernie-SandersThe Populist Revolution: Bernie Sanders and Beyond. Nationalizing the Failed Megabanks

By Ellen Brown, January 27 2016

The world is undergoing a populist revival. From the revolt against austerity led by the Syriza Party in Greece and the Podemos Party in Spain, to Jeremy Corbyn’s surprise victory as Labour leader in the UK, to Donald Trump’s ascendancy in the Republican polls, to Bernie Sanders’ surprisingly strong challenge to Hillary Clinton – contenders with their fingers on the popular pulse are surging ahead of their establishment rivals.

DSEI-arms-fair-LondonCommon Security – Progressive Alternatives to the New Arms Race

By Dr Steven Schofield, January 27 2016

Is a new arms race inevitable?

eyeSimple Digital Privacy in a Complex Digital Age

By Martin Matuszewski, January 27 2016

In an age where a Google search can reveal horrible or embarrassing content about anyone (…) Fortunately, there are a few actions one can take to reduce visibility in the digital realm in case that is a concern (which for me, it personally is a concern).

VENEZUELA_MADURO_031515.jpgCan People’s Power Save the Bolivarian Revolution?

By Richard Fidler, January 25 2016

People’s Power [is] the grassroots mobilizations of ordinary citizens organized territorially in communal councils and communes or politically in support of the “process of change” – a force that is diffuse and still lacking a coherent structured national leadership. It is unclear at this point what role this relatively new force can play in helping to overcome the current economic and political crisis.

The US Supreme Court and "The Rule of Flaw"It’s Not Too Late For Trade Unions to Win Friedrichs vs. California Teachers Association (CTA)

By Shamus Cooke, January 13 2016

The Friedrichs decision now seems inevitable, but nothing is inevitable in politics. The decision will not be announced until June, and this 5 month delay allows unions time to fully express their power. A nationwide series of actions would certainly make the Supreme Court think twice. And the Supreme Court is especially politically sensitive.

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