Selected Articles: Update on the US-NATO War on Syria
Par Global Research News, 07 mars 2016

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full-289552-syrian-rebels-celebrating-1451404294Syria: Phantom “Rebels” Return from the Dead

By Tony Cartalucci, March 07 2016

The French colonial green, white, and black banner of Syria adapted by the West’s proxy “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) had long been forgotten in the sea of black banners held aloft by Washington and Riyadh’s more extreme ploy to gain leverage upon and more direct access to the battlefield.

Airstrikes in SyriaBreaking: US Establishing Air Force Base inside Syria

By Bas News, March 07 2016

US is allegedly constructing two military airbases in the Syrian Kurdistan [commonly known as Rojava] to boost its presence and military support for the Syrian Kurdish forces.

SYRIAMAP2“Islamic State” in Disarray: Russian Warplanes Target ISIS Transport Routes, YPG Kurds and Syrian Army Join Hands

By South Front, March 07 2016

Russian warplanes targeted the ISIS oil transport routes near the villages of al-Zara’yah, Wadi al-Dhakara, al-Sakhanah and Arak in Northeastern Homs. Russian air raids in the area forced ISIS oil smugglers to refrain from travel.

cameron-drones500 Days of British Drone Attacks in Iraq and Syria, “Against ISIS” or “Against Civilians”?

By Chris Cole, March 07 2016

Overall this indicates that one-third of British air strikes against ISIS have been carried out by drones, however this masks a very recent change.

Raqqa SyrieThe Islamic State’s Capital Raqqa: Citizens Take to Streets to Voice Support for Syrian Army against ISIS

By Fars News Agency, March 07 2016

A large number of civilians rushed to Raqqa streets, where they held a massive demonstration in support of the Syrian Armed Forces for their victories against the terrorist groups around the country, specially in the Eastern and Northeastern territories.

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