Selected Articles: Update on the War in Syria
Par Global Research News, 20 février 2016

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crowd5,000 ISIS Militants Trained in Syria and Iraq Walk Free in Europe – Europol

By RT, February 20 2016

Between 3,000 and 5,000 so-called ‘foreign fighters’ – EU citizens trained in Islamic state terror camps – have returned to Europe and pose a “completely new challenge,” according the continent’s top police chief.

The Arab League: Paving the Way for a US-NATO-Israel War with Syria and IranUS-NATO’s “Moderate Opposition”: An Apocalyptic Vision For Syria

By Mnar Muhawesh, February 20 2016

In the first episode of MintPress News’ “Behind the Headline,” MPN editor-in-chief and host Mnar Muhawesh starts by breaking down the supposedly “moderate” Syrian opposition slated to lead peace talks to put an end to the years-long Syrian crisis.

erdogan-carteCould a Bomb Blast in Ankara Change the Outcome of the War in Syria?

By Mike Whitney, February 20 2016

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems to think so. In fact, Erdogan is acting like Wednesday’s explosion in the capital was a gift from God.

The Next World War: The “Great Game” and the Threat of Nuclear WarExperts: Invasion of Syria Could Lead to Nuclear War

By Washington’s Blog, February 20 2016

The Threat of Nuclear War Is Now HIGHER Than During the Soviet Era Turkey previously shot down a Russian jet. Now, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are threatening to invade Syria. How dangerous could this get, in a worst case scenario?

The United Nations Security Council:  An Organization for InjusticeUnited Nations Tacitly Supportive of Syria “Opposition” Terrorists, Humanitarian Aid Withheld, Deliberate Malpractice in Kafarya and Foua

By Vanessa Beeley, February 20 2016

Yesterday we reported the good news that Russia had brokered a deal with the US to allow Humanitarian aid to finally enter the western- backed terrorist besieged villages of Kafarya and Foua.

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