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Par Global Research News, 25 janvier 2016

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tahrir_square_0Five Years After Tahrir Square, Egypt’s Police State Worse Than Ever

By Lauren McCauley, January 25 2016

Five years after mass popular uprisings ousted longtime dictator Hosni Mubarek, Egyptians are again under siege.

Egypt’s Revolution-Creative Destruction For A ‘Greater Middle East’?Egypt’s Revolution: Creative Destruction For A ‘Greater Middle East’?

By F. William Engdahl, January 25 2016

Originally published in February, 2011

syria-war-planeThe Paris Meeting of Conspirators in Support of Syria’s “Moderate Terrorists”: Talks Filled With Sinful Crime.

By Christopher Black, January 24 2016

On January 20th a cabal of dependencies of the United States of America, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, France, and Italy, met in Paris to discuss war on Syria.

2000px-Iraq_Syria_Locator.svgExpanding US-NATO Military Presence inside Syria. American Boots on the Ground

By South Front, January 25 2016

The United States is expanding its presence in Syria. Satellite imagery taken Dec. 28 shows construction underway to extend the runway at an airfield in Rmeilan, al-Hasaka province, which would prepare the site to accommodate larger aircraft.

us-syria flagsOn Eve of Syria “Peace Talks,” Washington Threatens Escalation across Region

By Bill Van Auken, January 25 2016

With Syria “peace talks” ostensibly set to begin in Geneva today, Washington has ratcheted up threats of US military escalation throughout the region.

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