Selected Articles: What Future for the Global Economy?
Par Global Research News, 08 février 2016

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economy-crisisThe West Is Traveling the Road to Economic Ruin

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, February 08 2016

Michael Hudson is the best economist in the world. Indeed, I could almost say that he is the only economist in the world. Almost all of the rest are neoliberals, who are not economists but shills for financial interests.

US-dollar-300x188-federal-noteCurrency War Escalation: Iran Wants Euros Instead of US Dollars for Oil Payments

By Timothy Alexander Guzman, February 07 2016

Washington must be getting nervous with the latest announcement from Iran’s state-owned oil company, the National Iranian Oil CO (NIOC) which declared that Iran will replace US dollars with Euros for its oil trades according to a Reuter’s news article…

eu-us-russia-ukrainePrivatization Is the Atlanticist Strategy to Attack Russia

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Michael Hudson, February 08 2016

Two years ago, Russian officials discussed plans to privatize a group of national enterprises headed by the oil producer Rosneft, the VTB Bank, Aeroflot, and Russian Railways. The stated objective was to streamline management of these companies, and also to…

How Will A Downgrade of U.S. Debt Impact Stock and Bond Prices?Britain’s House Price Crash – 2016 Predictions Mount

By Graham Vanbergen, February 08 2016

Housing in many countries, especially Britain is no longer an investment, it’s now made up of three fundamentals; consumption, crime and concern. The general public getting on the bandwagon with cheap loans is consumption. The crime slot is taken now…

More Layoffs in America: No Letup in Attack on JobsAre The US Payroll Jobs Reports Merely Propaganda Statements?

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, February 07 2016

Are The Payroll Jobs Reports Merely Propaganda Statements? US economics statistics are so screwed up that they do not provide an accurate picture. Consider the latest monthly payroll jobs report.

gmfoodOrganic Agriculture, Capitalism and the Parallel Reality of the Pro-GMO Evangelist

By Colin Todhunter, February 08 2016

Consider that India had for generations sustained one of the highest densities of population on earth, without any chemical fertilisers, pesticides, exotic dwarf strains of grain or ‘bio-tech’ inputs. And it did it without degrading the soil.

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