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Is anyone else as upset as I am that the SYRIAN swimmer, Yusra Mardini, is being recognized as a refugee, not as a Syrian national, and that, if she wins a medal, the members of the Olympic Committee have decided they will raise a special flag they made for refugees, instead of her Syrian flag?

It would seem that the Olympic Committee wants to hide that Yusra has become a great swimmer due to the fact that the Syrian Government financed her training. And now that she has become so successful — thanks to Syrian money — the Olympic Committee are stealing that glory from the Syrian people.

What no newspaper or magazine or TV or radio report will tell you, is the following. Yusra Mardini did not flee a civil war in Syria. There is no civil war in Syria. Syrians are not fighting one another. Syrians are fighting foreigners who are entering Syria mostly through the northern border with Turkey. These fighters are Western pawns, and too stupid to realize that they are mere pawns. They think they are establishing an “Islamic State”. What they are really doing, is destroying Syria, so that Westerners can divide and rule the country. As soon as these pawns have destroyed Syria sufficiently, their funding from Saudi Arabia — a Western puppet state and a long-time enemy of Syria — will end within a millisecond. As will the funding from Qatar — another Western puppet state and long-time rival of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi rulers, themselves American pawns, want to destroy secular Syria and the secular Baath Party, which is headed by President Bashar Al Assad. The Saudi rulers, are not democratically elected by the people of Saudi Arabia, but are one family, which was given power to rule in the time of Lawrence of Arabia, who wanted to “unite Arabs” so that they could be more easily and efficiently ruled by the English. Today, this British-backed Saudi family is still ruling the country, calling themselves “royals”. They are brutal, ignorant, backward dictators. And they are useful to the West, mostly Europe and America, so they continue to enjoy Western support. They know nothing about Islam and have invented their own perverted set of beliefs, known as “Wahhabism”, and claim this is Islam.

Wahhabism is not Islam. Wahhabism is for sick men who want to rape and exploit women. Everyone knows that the Saudis have oil money…. lots and lots of oil money. But what everyone does not know is that they use their money to establish and fund Wahhabi schools in Islamic countries such as Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as in Europe. Many mosques in Europe are Saudi-funded, which means they are teaching Wahhabi nonsense, and calling this Islam. Western politicians are well aware of this fact, and let this continue. Now we are seeing the results of years of Wahhabi schools in Europe. European youths who attended these Wahhabi mosques, and who know they have no prospects and future in a Fascist, racist Europe, and who know nothing about Islam, are fighting in Syria, killing Syrians. They grew up in secular Europe and turned their back on it (after Europe turned its back on them) to go destroy secular Syria where they think they will re-establish an Islamic state, re-establish the “Ummah”. European secularism has not been good to them, and they think that the Ummah will be. This fits in well with the desires of the brutal Saudi rulers, who also want to destroy Syrian secularism and replace it with their perverted Wahhabism. And it fits in well with Western — that is, American and European — politicians’ plans of putting Syrian lands and resources in the hands of the West. Western politicians know that Americans and Europeans no longer want colonialism, imperialism and dead soldiers coming home. So they use these disheartened, ignorant migrant youths to get the job done. It really is a brilliant plan.

As for the rulers of Qatar, they too are a corrupt family; mere useful Western pawns, who would fall off the map and be nobodys, were it not for their fight in Syria. Like the Saudis, they too have lots of oil money, but no interest in Syria; their fight in Syria is merely to rival their big, overbearing Saudi neighbours –“ if you can do it, so can we”. They are like the man with a small penis and a big car. They give financial support to the Muslim Brotherhood for one reason only — to rival Saudi Wahhabism. But the Muslim Brotherhood are also not Muslims.

They are interested only in money and power, and will stop at nothing to get it. They are not interested in Islamic history, Islamic art, Islamic teachings, or Islamic countries. They only want money, money, money. And if they have to kill to get it, well, then, they will kill without any scruples, even killing Muslims, and tell themselves this is Islam. This is how messed up these youths are. These days, Turkey is being destroyed by Erdogan, who is also a Muslim Brotherhood supporter. Erdogan enjoys majority support from Turks in Turkey, not because of his extremism, but because he has made a financial deal with the Devil that has raised the standard of living in Turkey. Erdogan also wants Syria destroyed because it is ruled by a secular party. He wants the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Syria and in Egypt. In Egypt he almost got his wish, until the Egyptian army intervened and got rid of the corrupt, destructive Muslim Brotherhood that briefly ruled the country under Mohamed Mursi. Had the army in Egypt not removed Mursi, Egypt today would be like Turkey today.

Syrian swimmer Yusra Mardini

Syrian swimmer Yusra Mardini

Finally, a word on the legal status of our Syrian Olympic swimmer, Yusra. What editors will not print, publish and air on TV or radio, is the fact that Yusra has not been given refugee status by any country, and is therefore not a refugee. Which means the Olympic Committee members have no basis on which to label Yusra a refugee. If they do not know that she does not have refugee status, then they should not be on the Olympic Committee having powers to make such decisions. But I suspect they do know, and don’t care. To them, it is about denying Syria its rightful moment of Olympic glory.

It is no longer just about sports, but is now also a political issue. The world must not know that Syria is a kaleidoscope of ethnicities, that is SUCCESSFULLY ruled by a secular party — the Baath Party, headed by Bashar Al Assad, and established by his father, Hafez Al Assad.

The world must not know that Yusra did not flee from her government, but that she was helped by her government. The world must not know that she did not flee from a civil war, and that there is no civil war in Syria. The world must not know that Yusra fled from foreign fighters in her country who are killing her countrymen, women and children. The world must not know that Yusra is a proud Syrian, not a grateful refugee.

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