Syria Peace Talks: Mohammed Alloush, US-NATO ‘Terrorist Negotiator’ Resigns

They always say, “we don’t negotiate with terrorists.” Oh well…

As news breaks that US NATO backed opposition leader, Mohammed Alloush [Jaish al Islam] has resigned in disgust that his terms are not being met in the Geneva peace talks, the media is struggling to conceal the Saudi, NATO and US control mechanisms that are in place to manoeuver their terrorist chess pieces across the war-against-Syria chessboard.

In March 2016, while negotiating for “peace”, Alloush stated:

“We believe that the transitional period should start with the fall, or death, of Bashar al-Assad,” chief opposition negotiator Mohammad Alloush said.

“It cannot start with the presence of the regime, or the head of this regime still in power.” ~ ABC

The following article from IBT demonstrates clearly that Alloush is nothing more than another terrorist piece of the Saudi, US, NATO jigsaw.

How much longer will the NATO “Left” continue supporting these fake “moderate rebels” who are blatantly destroying Syria and responding to commands from their foreign, “regime-change” intent handlers? :

Mohammed Alloush, the chief peace negotiator of the mainstream Syrian opposition has resigned from his post, following the failure of the UN-backed talks in Geneva. On 29 May, Alloush, who is a member of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, High Negotiations Committee (HNC), and a member of the rebel faction Jaysh al-Islam, said that peace talks failed to bring over a political transition or help millions of Syrians who are caught in the war.

Alloush further said that peace talks were a “waste of time”, if demands of the main opposition are not met. He added that talks are unlikely to resume so long as the current Syrian government remains in power and do not agree to enter “serious negotiations”.

“The three rounds of talks were unsuccessful because of the stubbornness of the regime and its continued bombardments and aggressions against the Syrian people,” BBC reported.

His resignation was accepted in a meeting by chief coordinator of HNC, Riad Hijab, in Riyadh. The HNC previously refused to attend any further peace talks until radical changes are seen on the grounds in the war-torn country.

The office of UN special envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura in a statement on 26 May said that a date to resume peace talks will not be set for at least the next three weeks.

The Syrian government along with Russia and Iran does not recognise the HNC as the main opposition and have branded Alloush a “terrorist”.

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