Syria’s Grand Mufti Claims « Rebels » and Their Sponsor Countries Working with Israel

In an interview conducted with Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen TV, Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Hassoun publicly accused the “Syrian rebels” of working with Israel. Hassoun, a major religious leader in Syria, claimed the “rebels” had repeatedly offered peace deals on the condition that Assad make concessions to Israel.

Ever since the Western-backed destabilization campaign began in 2011, Hassoun said, the Syrian government had repeatedly received unofficial offers from “rebel” groups suggesting that they would end their operations against Syria if the government would agree to various deals with Israel.

The “deals” proposed by the “rebel” groups included the expulsion of all the Palestinian resistance from Syria as well as the ending of all association with Hezbollah.

Hassoun also added that “al-Sham” (Syria) was once “a vast territory extending from the Sinai desert to Hejaz desert and was not divided into a small state,” but that France and Britain carved up for political purposes and that the same powers continue to try and divide it to this day.

Hassoun pointed out that “40,000 Muslims from Europe are fighting in Syria” and said that none of those fighters are pushing for the liberation of Palestine. He also pointed the finger at “several” Muslim countries who are fighting in Syria and Yemen, highlighting the fact that they are not fighting for Palestine. It is fairly clear that Hassoun was suggesting that these unnamed Muslim countries were also in league with Israel.

That ISIS fighters, “rebel” groups,” GCC and NATO forces are working with Israel for the purpose of destroying Syria is not really in question. Israel has long been providing healthcare to injured terrorists, patching them up and sending them back to the Syrian battlefield.[1] Israel has also been exposed for providing weaponry and other related supplies to terrorists fighting in Syria.

Israel has also repeatedly attacked Syrian military sites, bases, equipment, and personnel in support of Western-backed terrorists on the ground on a number of occasions.

In June, 2015, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon even admitted that Israel was providing aid to terrorists in Syria.

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[1] Cohen, Gil. “Israeli Military Sheds Light On Its Humanitarian Aid To Syrians.” Haaretz. February 24, 2014.

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