Syria’s Joint Offensive against Terrorists in Northern Aleppo, Supported by Russia

Russian warplanes | © Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation

Last weekend, the Syrian government forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces, predominantly Kurds supported by the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces launched a joint offensive in Northern Aleppo. On Feb.7, the Kurdish troops secured several kilometers of the Gaziantep-Aleppo road and captured the town of Deir Jamal. The SAA also reached this crucial supply line from Turkey after an intense battle with the terrorists near the contested villages of Bayanoun, Kafr Naya, and Hayyan. Meanwhile, the Kiffin village has been liberated by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). According to reports, the SDF and the SAA have set up a joint checkpoint near Kiffin which is a clear evidence of the cooperation.

We remember, the Kurdish YPG has announced it’s going to launch a military operation in order to connect Afrin with Kobane and Hasakah. This gain will be hardly possible without a support of Russian warplanes and the pro-government forces pulverizing the terrorists’ manpower which could be used to prevent the Kurdish offensive.

Meanhwile, the pro-government forces secured the Ezaz-Aleppo road and liberated the town of Mayer. This road was formerly used by the terrorists to transfer their forces and hardware.

In a separate development, the SAA took control of the town of Ta’ana in the Eastern part of Aleppo province. It is close to the industrial region of Sheikh Najjar.

ISIS and Jabha al-Shamiya terrorist group, defined by the US as a moderate rebel group, has reportedly signed an alliance in Northern Aleppo in order to prevent the advance of the SAA and its allies. It’s reported that the groups concluded a cessation of hostility, opening “borders”, supply oil to rebels, exchange prisoners. It isn’t clear how these groups will coordinate military actions in the area.

Separately, militants in the Aleppo province set a coalition called ‘Jaish al-Halab’. It includes such groups as Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Jabhat Al-Shamiyah, Jaysh Al-Islam, and Jaysh Al-Mujahiddeen and also aims to oppose the Syrian forces.

More than 500 new recruits gathered in central Latakia, having passed a basic training course to joint the Syrian forces. They are now awaiting deployment. According to the province governor, Ibrahim Khodr Salem, this is the fifth set of volunteers.

On Feb.7, 133 militants laid down arms and turned themselves in to the Syrian army in the towns of Talbiseh and al-Rastan in the Homs province. In the very same time, the SAA advanced against the ISIL militants in the Eastern part of Homs province and deployed forces around the town of Quaryatayn. The final storm of the town is expected in the nearest future.

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