The Brexit « Blame Game »: Bashing Jeremy Corbyn…

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Now I know Jeremy Corbyn is a bit of a wimp when it comes to the cut and thrust of politics but blaming him for Brexit is surely a step too far? But that’s just what the BBC has been doing all day.

The BBC, along with some renegade Labour Party members, spent much of its ‘news’ coverage asking why hasn’t Corbyn resigned? Interviewed as he left his home this morning, the BBC reporter shouted at him:

“Most of your shadow cabinet cabinet has resigned! Surely Mister Corbyn your position is now untenable?”

The argument goes as follows: Corbyn was, let us say less than enthusiastic in his support for the Remain camp, which ‘allowed’ those lumpen proletarians who helped elect him, the ones who never vote–that crucial few percent that made the difference–to vote the ‘wrong way’. So if the Establishment despised Corbyn before its debacle of an own goal, they now hate him with a vengeance!

Looking back on the past two days (is that all it’s been?), it’s clear the Establishment was stunned by the result. This is especially true of the state broadcaster, the BBC, which has spent millions of our license money trying to persuade us to vote Remain. How galling eh, not to say embarrassing. All those university degrees in journalism and public relations came to nought.

Hence the vitriolic attacks by the BBC itself, not just the elite that it interviews, on Corbyn. It’s all his fault because he didn’t lead his flock to the slaughter.

Losing the Referendum wasn’t in the plan! This wasn’t meant to happen!

And now, the rest of the political elite have to contend with Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage. It’s all well and good wheeling them out on Question Time but what do you do with a posse of racists, plus some hangovers from Middle England, led by a fat guy who wants Cameron’s job, when they appear to have captured the Tory Party and of course, the government? How embarrassing. In all likelihood, the Tory Party and the Labour Party will split. It’s the end of an era.

And, as I predicted, now the elite and its minions have recovered somewhat, the search is on for a way out of the democratic result. One BBC minion today on the news, remarked that perhaps now the people who voted Brexit have woken up to the enormity of their ‘mistake’, they probably wish they’d voted the other way! Ah, if only we could do it all over again? And of course, what’s really insulting about this comment, is that it implies that those who voted Brexit are too stupid or ignorant to to know the ‘right’ way to vote!

Well, Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland to the rescue as it’s likely that she will try to veto the result on the grounds that the English, well some of them, well actually most of them, and the Welsh, voted the ‘wrong’ way and thus illegally deprived Scotland of its membership of the EU (Scotland voted overwhelmingly to Remain). Lawyers to the rescue!

This is fascinating, if true. Perhaps we’ll see just how much stock capitalism really does put in its much vaunted democracy now that it’s recovered somewhat from its stunning defeat at the polls.

Watch this space…

PS: Why isn’t the media and especially the BBC attacking Cameron and the Tory government? After all, they created this situation, not Corbyn


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