The Democratic National Convention (DNC) Was Rigged. Bernie Delegates Silenced by Pro-Hillary « Seat Fillers » (Who Were Paid $50 A Day)
Par Eden McFadden et Anthony Brian Logan, 22 octobre 2016
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California Bernie Sanders Delegate from District 34, Eden McFadden, recorded a video from inside of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in which she talks about – and shows – how the DNC is rigged against Bernie supporters and delegates, in favor of Hillary Clinton. This was a suspicion held by many on the outside looking in, fueled by Craigslist ads looking for actors to work at the convention to cheer in the audience, but without much more proof than that, which is pretty thin, honestly.

But then, Miss McFadden came along and recorded around 15 to 20 minutes of great video. First, Bernie delegates were held from being seated before others. According to McFadden, they were told that it was not time to seat for anyone yet, and when they were finally let in to seat, there were people already there, seated.

Second, there were white sheets of paper affixed to many seats which were marked « reserved » … for people that she describes as « seat fillers » who were being paid $50 per day. They were being paid to be instructed by pro-Hillary forces to oppose Bernie supporters. When the Bernie supporters cheer, the Hillary people were instructed to cheer louder to drown them out.

Third, there were sound-canceling devices mounted above the sections where Bernie Sanders delegates and supporters were to be sitting. McFadden referred to them as « white noise machines. » The obvious goal here is to silence Bernie Sanders supporters and/or anyone upset with the #DNCLeak situation. Bernie Sanders may have crazy ideas, but the United States is supposed to be a place where even the craziest of people should be allowed to be heard if people want to hear them.

The DNC has, time and time again, shown that their level of corruption has no boundaries. The nomination has already been handed to Hillary, so what else do they want? Maybe they want to paint the illusion of a unified Democrat party, rather than the reality which is a fractured and damaged party, that is in big trouble and will lose come election time in November.

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