The Future Doesn’t Like You
Par Anthony Freda, 14 mars 2016
Anthony Freda
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The future is a place where people will believe that giving up their liberty will help fight terror and save the Earth.

(It will do neither)

The future is a place where your every move will be recorded, tracked and analyzed without you even knowing it.

(Because They-hate-your-freedumb)

The future is a place where your car will drive itself with the promise of giving you more freedom and autonomy.

(You will lose both)

The future is a place where « humanitarian » wars will continue to destroy millions of human lives and fuel terror.

(To keep you safe)

The future is a place where your neighborhood police will look and act like soldiers on a battlefield.

(To protect and serve)

The future is a place where drugs, media and technology will used respectively to keep you sedated, misinformed and distracted from the fact that

The Future Doesn’t Like You.

Anthony Freda

Anthony Freda

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