The Laws of War: Air Tasking Order from the Pentagon and the UN Security Council
Par Olaf Brescia, 22 août 2016

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While Obama works on his golf game, this is the « Peace Making Air Tasking Order » from the Pentagon and the UN Security Council – that should be issued immediately:

Because the United States and its coalition partners have neither been invited into Syria nor has war been declared against Syria or its partners, all aircraft in Syrian airspace other than those of the:

1.    Syrian Arab Air Force

2.    Russian Air Force

3.    Iraqi Air Force

4.    Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force

are prohibited from carrying air-to-air missiles over Syrian airspace.

Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) has no air force in Syria; therefore air-to-air missiles carried by US-coalition aircraft have no legitimate purpose except to employ them against ‘1’ through ‘4.’

US-coalition aircraft may only retain an internal gun and flare/chaff dispensers for self-defense. All air-to-air weapons are prohibited.

Violators will be photographed, national origin and tail number recorded, and escorted out of Syrian airspace.

Repeat offenders could be shot down and its aircrew returned to nation of origin.

Aircraft that can carry air-to-air missile rounds in internal weapon bays – are prohibited.”

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