The Madaya Food Crisis Propaganda Saga: Questions the Mainstream Media Should have Asked but Didn’t.

The information age is actually a media age. We have war by media; censorship by media; demonology by media; retribution by media; diversion by media – a surreal assembly line of obedient clichés and false assumptions ~ John Pilger


Madaya.  Here is my list of 36 questions that the mainstream media should have asked but didn’t:

  1.  How many civilians are in Madaya?
  2. What is the history of Madaya and the region?
  3. How important is Hezbollah’s presence in the region?
  4. How does this affect Israel’s agenda and links to the various terrorist factions involved?
  5. Who precisely is occupying Madaya. What % are Ahrar al Sham, Al Nusra or FSA?
  6. Are those gangs from Madaya originally or have they been imported into Madaya?
  7. If imported into Madaya, who by and for what reason?
  8. To whom are the villagers of Madaya allied?
  9. If they are indeed anti Assad, why are we seeing video footage of pro Assad demonstrations and the citizens chanting “The Syrian people and the Syrian Army are one hand”?
  10. If it is the SAA, Hezbollah and the Syrian Government imposing the “starvation” why then do we see video footage of civilians arguing with terrorists and saying. “we are hungry not you”?
  11. Why have we not seen one image of a starving terrorist?
  12. Why if the Syrian Government is not allowing aid into Madaya have we been told that the Red Cross/UN entered Madaya on the 19th October with enough food to last 2 months?
  13. Why if the Syrian Government is not allowing aid into Madaya was the UN able to enter on the 28th December 2015 and evacuate 126 wounded terrorists?
  14. Why, if the UN evacuated wounded terrorists, did they not evacuate the “starving” children or at least mention that conditions were deteriorating in Madaya?
  15. Why do relief campaigns state clearly that there is food available but at extortionate prices?
  16. If food is available at extortionate prices who is stockpiling it? Those who occupy Madaya ie the terrorists or the SAA who are outside Madaya and have no control over the food once it has been delivered by the UN allowed in by the SAA?
  17. If the terrorists are stockpiling the food delivered by the UN with permission of the Syrian Government, who is responsible for any subsequent starvation?
  18. The food for Madaya comes from Damascus which is a Government held area.  If the Syrian Government is intent upon starving its own people or even those who might be in opposition why would it allow food to leave Damascus to be taken to Madaya?
  19. The Syrian Government is accused of bombing its own people time and time again, why, therefore, did the Syrian Government not simply bomb Madaya but instead allowed food into the village and evacuated terrorists as part of an ongoing Amnesty deal?
  20. Why are we publishing photos without verifying them?
  21. Why are we relying on information from “activists” and not sending reporters to Madaya to witness the reality?
  22. Why, if people have died of starvation, have no names been released or records produced?
  23. Why, if we know Kafarya and Foua are a part of the ongoing negotiations for amnesty and release of civilians from terrorist siege in Kafarya and Foua, do we never mention these villages that have been under genuine starvation since March 2015 and partial siege and assault since 2011.
  24. Why might the village of Madaya be under siege by the SAA?
  25. If it is under siege, for how long? When did this siege start and what events coincide?
  26. How does this siege relate to the ongoing amnesty negotiations?
  27. Is siege a normal event in warfare? What other sieges in history compare?
  28. Why do we not mourn the 1700 lives lost in Kafarya and Foua with the same intensity that we mourn lives lost in Madaya that we cannot prove have been lost?
  29. Why do we not listen to the Red Cross spokesperson when he says Madaya had enough food for 2 months [delivered on the 19th October] or that they have now delivered enough food for 40,000 people
  30. Why do we not register the fact that the same Red Cross spokesperson stated clearly that they have no problem entering Government held areas with the exception of Deir Ezzor but they cannot enter any “moderate rebel” held areas.
  31. Why, if the FSA are the recognised “moderate rebels” are they working with Al Nusra [Al Qaeda] and Ahrar al Sham [Al Qaeda affiliate] in Madaya?
  32. Why are hundreds of residents of the town of Madaya Rural Damascus fleeing toward the Syrian army positions asking to be evacuated to government controlled areas?
  33. Where does all the money go that is raised by the Government agencies loosely masquerading as NGOs?
  34. Why do we condemn before we have asked the right questions?
  35. Why do we never discuss the NATO US GCC Israeli siege of Syria?
  36. Why do we lie and keep lying even when the truth is looking us straight in the eye?
  37. How do we sleep at night?

It’s 100 years since the First World War. Reporters then were rewarded and knighted for their silence and collusion. At the height of the slaughter, British prime minister David Lloyd George confided in CP Scott, editor of the Manchester Guardian:

“If people really knew [the truth] the war would be stopped tomorrow, but of course they don’t know and can’t know.”

It’s time they knew. ~ John Pilger 

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