The Political Zionist Accusation of ‘Self-Hating Jew’
Par Anthony Bellchambers, 06 mars 2016

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Why is the first line of defence, of any Likudnik, against valid Jewish criticism of his right-wing, political agenda always the same childish accusation: ‘You’re a self-hating Jew!’?

Where is the justification for such character assassination? Could it be that the individuals concerned are really incapable of any rational argument?

What would you think about a similar comment but with a substituted target:

You’re a self-hating Brit because you’re critical of Cameron’s Conservative Party !’  Or substitute ‘German’ and ‘Merkel’, or ‘American’ and ‘Obama’, to better appreciate the crass stupidity of the comment.

However, the Zionist propaganda that tries to justify the unjustifiable, keeps coming 24/7, throughout the online media, broadcast and print!

Upon reflection, the only reasonable answer to the above question is that the Political Zionist knows full well that regardless of how ludicrous is his accusation, his co-religionist victim cannot help but be hurt by such abuse.

The apparent tactic being that when valid criticism is rejected, always attack the critical observer in the hope that your guilt will be overlooked. However, the context in this case is far too serious with major consequences for both the Middle East and the international community for it to be ignored.

My experience is that a substantial proportion of European Jews, together with a substantial minority within Israel itself, reject the extremist policies of the current Likud coalition of Binyamin Netanyahu which serve only to increase anti-Semitism around the world.

To the best of my knowledge, many such Jews, whilst being overtly proud of their ancient religious heritage, are acutely embarrassed and ashamed at the illegal settlement and blockade agenda imposed by this Israeli government against the five million civilian inhabitants of the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

It has for long been illegal in most parts of Europe to disseminate symbols or propaganda of the defunct National Socialist Party and the same should apply to the invective of the current Political Zionist Movement.

The EU needs to take action.

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