The Refugee Crisis: EU’s Derisory Offer of $3.3 Billion to End Existential Migrant Threat
Par Anthony Bellchambers, 09 mars 2016

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The sum offered by the EU to Turkey to better police its borders in order to prevent migrants leaving by boat for the Greek Islands and to forcibly bring back any who actually make the crossing, is reported to be just $3.3 billion.

Compare this sum to the $6 billion that the US Congress votes to the Israeli government every single year to fund its illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land, and one has a better perspective of the derisory sum that the EU is prepared to pay to ensure its own survival from an influx of millions of migrants who would very quickly overrun housing, education and medical facilities throughout the EU,  leading to a potential collapse in the social and economic fabric of many of its 28 member states.

The figures seem to imply that the state of Israel with a total population of just 8 million is of more importance than the 500 million citizens of the EU, including Britain.

The explanation for the incredible sums of American taxpayers’ money being given each year to the Israeli state is that the amounts are voted by a US Congress that is subservient to the agenda of the AIPAC lobby and is apparently more concerned with helping Israeli dominance of the Middle East than it is in the welfare of its own electorate.

As for the failure of the European Union to agree on a viable migration policy, it is so bizarre that it would not make a viable film script.

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