The World War II Jasenovac « Hidden Holocaust » directed against the Serbian People
Par Britic, 13 août 2016
Britic 9 août 2016
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An exhibition entitled ‘Hidden Holocaust’ will expose the facts behind WW2 genocide at the Jasenovac to the United Nations after decades of suppression. The exhibition is the work of most acclaimed living film director of the Balkans Emir Kusturica.

28. Jun, the largest Serbian diaspora organisation, is being singled out to market and brand the landmark exhibition.

The exhibition will be held at the United Nations in New York on Holocaust Remembrance Day which falls on April 23, 2017. 28. Jun will partner with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, the Andric Institute, the University of Belgrade and the Jasenovac Research Institute, on what promises to be largest exposé on the concentration camp ever organized in the West. Over 500,000 Serbs, 40,000 Roma, 33,000 Jews and 127,000 Anti-Fascists, including many Croats, were executed in the camp complex from 1941 to 1945.

8Worldwide Serbian charity and Diaspora organisation, 28. Jun says:

We plan to counter the rise of extremism and anti-Serbism which has swept Croatia since the formation of the new nationalist government. The organization led the Oluja remembrance march in Belgrade last Friday, forced the leading German dictionary to redefine ‘Ustase’ two weeks ago and successfully completed the digital #NoKosovoUnesco campaign in late 2015. In addition to its anti-defamation projects, 28. Jun is the largest Serbian humanitarian organization in the world, having delivered $4.6 mil worth of aid to Serbs throughout the Balkans since 2011.

A countdown to the exhibition, with moving images of the terror at Jasenovac is online at:

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