Turkey as the Proxy Player in the Destabilization of the Middle East

Featured image: Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters new map of the Middle East and the Caucuses (greater Kurdistan)

Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin declared in a letter to the United Nations Security Council that Turkey is the key supplier of weapons and military hardware to the Islamic State terrorist group, and its intelligence services are in charge of these activities, and it is doing so through non-governmental organizations. Moreover, the Russian diplomat cites data about weapons and munitions supplies to terrorists in Syria over a period from November 2015 to late January 2016. « Total supplies to terrorists through Turkey were as follows in 2015: 2,500 tons of ammonium nitrate (worth approximately US$ 788,700); 456 tons of potassium nitrate ($468,700); 75 tons of aluminium powder ($496,500); sodium nitrate ($19,400); glycerine ($102,500); and nitric acid ($34,000), » Churkin wrote in his letter.1

The diplomat also lists some of the foundations involved in the process like the Besar foundation that is a key player and is most actively engaged in supplies of weapons and equipment to Islamic State fighters. Another major supplier of weapons and military equipment to Syrian territories controlled by Islamic State is the Lyilikder foundation, which dispatched about 25 various supply convoys in 2015.2

Furthermore, Russian Foreign Ministry announced a month earlier that Humanitarian aid convoys bound for Syria from Turkey are supplying arms to militants, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at the High Level Segment of the UN Human Rights Council session on March of this year.


To understand the functioning of criminal and terrorist organizations you must uncover their money trail.

Who finances, trains, and supplies these mercenary organizations with armaments and salaries to ensure that their viral infection is more potent, and to guarantee the spread of their contagion factor across various nations?

In addition, who benefits from the creation of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other criminal organizations that spread terror and destroy the reputation of Islam and 1.2 billion Muslims across the world?

Why is the West turning a blind eye to the overwhelming evidence presented by the Russians about the corrupt Erdogan’s Turkish government and his son who made millions of dollars in their partnership with ISIS as a result of stolen oil from Iraq?

Is Erdogan and his family are being allowed to join the super-rich status as long as they facilitate the growth of ISIS and the balkanization of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, the Caucuses, and the entire Near East?

Are the Turkish Barbarians from the Steppes going to once again expand their territory and power, or will they shrink in order to create a greater Kurdistan?

Will Erdogan be eventually slaughtered like every other dictator in the region as the pig is fattened before he is killed?

Ironically, Turkey has been portrayed for years by the West as a Muslim democracy. The reality is that Turkey has always been ruled behind the scenes by its generals, who actually decide the destiny of their political rulers, just like in the United States where the military industrial complex always vets and decides the appropriate choices for presidents.

Why has Turkey a major American ally and a NATO member been authorized to become deeply involved in the destabilization of Syria, Iraq, and the Levant?

Are Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Armenia going to lose territory in order to accommodate the prospective Kurdish nation? Is that region going to continue to have ongoing wars until their territories are finally redrawn?

Are Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf nations financing and fueling the fire in the region in the hope of creating a Sunni dominated zones, diminish Iran,  and create small, weak, but bickering homogeneous states to please their American and Israeli Masters?

Will the magic eventually turn on the magician as the Saudis and the Turks become destabilized themselves?

Maybe, the only the lesson to learn from this theater of murder, betrayal, and horror, is that when dealing with the devil expect your soul to be eventually lost to the underworld!


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