Turkey « Invades » Syria on the Eve of Geneva « Peace Talks »
Par Joachim Hagopian, 14 mars 2016

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Witnessing his Ottoman Empire remake dream crumbling on the ground in northern Syria, sultan Turkish President Recep Erdogan launched his highly touted (mini-)invasion into Syria this weekend. After a near month and a half of constant daily artillery shelling into Syria from the Turkish side of the border, Ankara has just stepped up its desperate aggression in the five year war to rid Syrian president Assad. Russian Foreign MinisterSergey Lavrov meeting in Geneva for peace talks resuming on Monday stated that Turkey is advancing its “creeping expansion” into Syrian territory which of course violates both the recent US-Russian ceasefire as well as all international law.

In a Sunday interview with Russia’s REN TV, Lavrov disclosed that Turkish troops have ensconced themselves several hundred meters (yards) into Syria to prevent its declared enemy the Syrian Kurds (YPG) from fortifying their positions and connecting the Kurds’ east-west corridor to take control over nearly the entire Syrian-Turkish border. The Russian minister stated:

According to our information, they [Turkish forces] are digging in a few hundred meters from the border inside Syria.

Though Erdogan’s own generals have strongly advised against an all-out invasion of Syria, knowing the grave consequences for Turkey and its military would be catastrophic against the Russian coalition’s superior air and firepower, in the face of recent decisive victories achieved against Turkey’s proxy allies the ISIS and al Nusra terrorists, debate over whether Erdogan will actually bully his armed forces into launching a ground war invasion into Syria has been heavily speculated by both Turkish and Middle East press. In February Turkey and Saudi Arabia’s most powerful leaders were publicly announcing to the world their intention to invade Syria in a protracted ground war risking World War III. Saudi jets were even deployed to Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base.

But in the month since the Saudi-Turkish hot-air pre-invasion plans were uttered, Russian jets providing continual air support to the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian Kurds have only advanced deeper into Aleppo and Latakia provinces, scattering the terrorists in flight or pushing them to retreat toward their final jihadist stronghold Raqqa. With the Russian-Syrian definition per the truce agreement anyone still left fighting against Syrian forces are terrorists, they are clearly winning both in strategy and America’s “war of terror.” The US led Western coalition has had to resort to subterfuge in order to keep its war on terror still alive, making major concessions that have the terrorist all but defeated and on the run. With the main anti-Assad opposition groups honoring the February 27th truce, the terrorists left fighting on their own are currently being routed on multiple fronts. The top ISIS commander has just been reported “clinically dead,” kept barely alive by machines after a US air strike struck his compound a few days ago.

Apparently a US air strike on Sunday just killed an Israeli citizen fighting alongside the terrorists as well. Of course with his Golan Heights hospital bedside photo-ops,Netanyahu has long been in bed with jihadist terrorists fighting in Syria.

Obama has apparently conceded that his created terrorist monster ISIS doesn’t stand a chance anymore as his proxy terrorists appear to be suffering a rapid defeat in Syria ever since Putin’s game-changing intervention began last fall. Now that the US has ostensibly joined forces with Russia in a ceasefire and ongoing peace talks, even US jets are contributing to the terrorist demise at least with a few better aimed air assaults actually targeting real terrorists now, unlike Obama only pretending to hunt down ISIS before. Barring any major reversals, the war against terrorists in Syria will likely soon be coming to a close as the peace talks start up again this week with US backed opposition groups also meeting in Geneva. Russia has asked the UN to invite the also US supported Syrian Kurds to the talks as well.

Meanwhile, many of the Islamic State terrorists have been fleeing Syria heading in the south into Jordan. At the same time in recent weeks Saudi Arabia has intensified its interventions to destabilize Jordan and Lebanon in a last gasp ploy to relocate, regroup and reconstitute its terrorist safe zones within territory of Syria’s Arabic neighbors. Saudi Arabia entertains the objective of forcing Lebanese Hezbollah troops from the Syrian front back home to deal with Saudi induced instability in Beirut. No doubt this covert action by US main Muslim allies in the Middle East is part of Kerry’s “Plan B.”

Then several weeks ago Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates abruptly ordered its citizens back home and placed a travel ban to Lebanon. With its capital Beirut only 50 miles from Damascus, this move created speculation over the hyped up, but temporarily delayed plan of invading Syria with the Saudi led 34-Sunni nation “antiterrorist” coalition, of which twenty of those nations sent up to 350,000 troops to northern Saudi Arabia allegedly just now completing several weeks of military exercises.

On Saturday the negotiator of the main Syrian opposition group still called for Assad’s removal by either resignation or death as the precursor to a transition government. As the opposition groups take a seat at the negotiation table Monday, Syria has already redlined regime change as non-negotiable. Talk of a transition government in Syria is off the table according to the Syrian defense minister. So right away both France and the US are already grumbling with rhetoric, accusing Syria of sabotaging the Geneva negotiations and pressuring Russia and Iran to get Assad in line despite Assad calling for aparliamentary election to be held next month. But that’s not good enough for the US led coalition still wanting a timeline on Assad’s removal from power. The Kerry promise of Plan B should the peace talks fail that he alone unilaterally came up with right after the truce agreement already is in the making, claiming Syria is failing to adhere to its agreed upon plan.

As if that old regime change dead horse isn’t quite dead enough, ex-NATO commander Admiral Stravridis sounding off as the globalist puppet he is in CFR’s Foreign Policy ragjust claimed that Syria should be partitioned into three separate pieces (a la the Iraq federalist design of course patterned after 1990’s forerunning template Yugoslavia’s “balkanization,” aka destruction (which has become a permanent fixture in American Empire/CFR/globalist mainstay policy). In 2013 the globalist guru himself Henry Kissinger mouthed that same wish-list desire for Syria to be broken up into “more or less autonomous regions.” Then recall the master plan, the Greater Israel Project agenda to redraw borders by partitioning Arab nations according to Zionist design with US Empire busily fighting its expansionist proxy wars.

Stravridis and Washington still hope that for their war efforts the Syrian Kurds can “earn” their own turf in Syria (while labeling the Turkish Kurds wanting the same terrorists), and at least for now Iran and Russian-backed Assad can keep his Damascus government enclave while Kerry’s Plan B of a “moderate” Islamic State caliphate can claim their long planned security zone in eastern Syria for Turkey and Saudi Gulf states to continue waging their proxy terrorist war against Assad. Clearly the US Empire led axis-of-evil still has designs to protect their long term war on terror investment and the same old US imperialistic agenda is merely dragging on in sheep’s clothing under a phony, deceitful disguise of “peaceful settlement.”

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at


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