Two Years Ago: The Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Declaration of Independence

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It’s anniversary of declaration of DPR independence: April 7, 2016. Exactly 2 years ago, on April 7, 2014, the Donetsk People’s Republic was proclaimed. Although our Republic isn’t recognized, it is difficult to argue with the fact that the modern history of Donbass started that day.

Journalist Katerina « Katya » Katina was one of the thousands of activists participating in those historic events, which took place in Donetsk capital that time. DONi News Agency went to scene to remember what actually happened there and why, and how people’s revolution in Donbass really took place.

« Although our Republic isn’t recognized, it is difficult to argue with the fact that the modern history of Donbass started that day », writes DONi journalist in editorial article, who was also participating in Donetsk patriotic movement from its very beginning.

« Until the end of February, 2014 there weren’t almost any demonstrations in Donetsk. Donetsk was working and hoping that the legitimate authorities in the person of Yanukovich would suppress this obvious attempt of a coup. But everything has occurred in another way, Yanukovich was afraid and betrayed for the second time (the first time – having agreed to take part in the third round of the presidential elections in 2005 when the majority of the population of Ukraine had voted for him) not only the entire Ukraine as the state, but also his voters who had been balloting for him since 2004.

Apparently, he was afraid of sanctions which Europe threatened to impose against him. Three European Ministers of Foreign Affairs arrived in Kiev and actually contributed to the overthrow of the legitimate authorities.

After a Western-sponsored armed coup in Ukraine it became obvious that the “new democratic” far-right and ultranationalist authorities would do everything to bring to heel the citizens of Donbass who were indignant and angry with the illegal power shift.

The legitimate power elected in the democratic way shamefully escaped, having left the Russian Donbass (about 80% of the population here – ethnic Russians) at the mercy of the Ukrainian fascists.

The people of Donbass of course should have protected themselves, their rights, values, culture and history. It was clear that as a result of the coup, the crackdown not only on the Russian language, but also on everything that was related to Russia would start. Because that time the Ukrainian fascists whom the Western countries, in particular, the USA  all 23 years of the so-called independence of Ukraine had been giving support, got an opportunity to destroy their enemies – the Russian population of Donbass –  kind, hardworking, calm and respecting their history people.

The residents of Donbass have tried to reach out to the new country leaders, to find though some support. Nobody wanted to hear Donbass, not for this purpose the co-called revolution of dignity was conducted. Everything was done only against Russia and the Russian population of Donbass.

Our peaceful demonstrations which started on March 1st, 2014  were just exactly an attempt to be heard not only by the illegal authorities in Kiev and Ukrainian local administration, but also by the world community. But all that people remained deaf. We were recognized as terrorists, separatists and they declared that would use weapons against the civilian population of Donbass. The international law once again was violated.

And that’s why we had to stop the Ukrainian military equipment going to Donbass with our bare hands. We didn’t want to start this war, we have been always striving for peace and prosperity of our native land.

There wasn’t any other choice but to protect ourselves according to the UN Charter concerning « The right of people and nations to self-determination » and to declare independence on April, 7 2014 from the country that started killing us. »

Articles Par : Michael Donetsky

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