U.S. Special Forces Suffer Casualties Near Mosul
Par Ahmad Salah, 08 novembre 2016

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GR Editor: US Special Forces are fighting against the ISIS which is supported covertly by the US.

They participate in the « Liberation of Mosul » against terrorist forces which are supported by Washington. There are also Special Forces within ISIS ranks. Mosul is being targeted, the terrorists are being evacuated.

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The US special forces participating in the operation to « liberate Mosul » suffered first casualties.

Turkish Syrian Committee for Human Rights sources in Iraq reported that during a few days of fighting, US Special Operations Forces lost 16 killed and 27 wounded. As usual, official Washington doesn’t admit that its Special Forces are suffering heavy losses.

For the first time, the Pentagon confirmed the US special forces were directly taking part in the attack on Mosul on October 18. Then, Department of Defense said that the main task of US troopers was to coordinate air strikes and train Iraqi security forces.

However, photo and video footage published by leading news agencies as well as activists, suggest otherwise. Photos and videos showing the US special forces in Iraq, Syria, and in Raqqa which is controlled by ISIS, began to emerge in May 2016. In particular, it was published by AFP.

After the beginning of the offensive at Mosul, GoPro videos depicting US special forces’ actions in the first person appeared on the Internet.

It is notable that videos published before this October mostly show surprise attacks on militants’ command posts – the actual task of the US Special Forces.

In Mosul, the case is quite different. Recent American casualties prove the situation is turning grim for Washington.

Apparently, Washington realized that the Iraqi security forces and Kurds can’t cope with the task of liberating Mosul before the upcoming US presidential elections. That’s why the White House had to send 500 commandos to the front line of the infantry battle formations to ensure the operation is successful.

It seems that the conquest of Mosul is supposed to become the final success of the Obama administration and provide the advantage to Hillary Clinton. Until this goal isn’t achieved, politicians will continue to sacrifice the lives of the American soldiers.


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