US Presidential Campaign: The Undemocratic Power of the Lobbyists aka ‘Influence Pedlars’

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The unedifying spectacle of US presidential candidates being obliged to present themselves before The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)  lobbyists, is an affront to democratic society and to over 300 million ordinary Americans.  For this is no ordinary lobby representing the views of a typical American constituency in the interests of the United States of America.

This week, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as with Barack Obama before them, will be required to bow and scrape before a right­-wing audience of Netanyahu supporters whose only concern is how much money; F16/F35 jet fighters; helicopter gunships; anti­-missile arrays; phosphorus chemicals and cluster bombs can they get the American taxpayer to pay for in order to maintain Israel’s hegemony in the Middle East and the extension of its illegal settlement project in the Occupied Palestinian Territories that has already induced nearly 600,000 Israelis to leave their homes in Israel to settle on Palestinian land.

Screenshot: March 22, 2016

These advanced weaponry and armaments are also utilised to enforce the now six year old illegal blockade of essential goods into Gaza in co-operation with Egypt’s current military dictatorship:  the demands for ever-increasing American military equipment and funding being the explicit mission of AIPAC members headed by Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

There would appear to be only one solution and that is to declare AIPAC and its associated lobbyists for Israel as, collectively, a ‘Foreign Agent’ that overtly acts in the interest of a foreign state and one that should be either proscribed or controlled under the already existing provisions of US legislation.

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