US Responsibility for Iraq’s Devastating Humanitarian Crisis
Par Stephen Lendman, 01 février 2016

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Decades of US-led aggression raped and pillaged Iraq, killing millions of its people, creating dystopian conditions for survivors.

Humanitarian crisis conditions are deplorable, exacerbated by endless US aggression, using ISIS and other takfiri terrorists as imperial foot soldiers, along with low oil prices complicating things further.

Iraq needs over $1.5 billion in aid this year alone. Baghdad called for international community help, its migration and displacement minister Jassim Mohammed al-Jaff, saying:

“With the expanding needs, the allocation through the federal budget will not be sufficient. We expect that the highly prioritized (UN) Humanitarian Response Plan will help cover part of the gap,” whether forthcoming in any amount remains to be seen.

Western and rogue regional state budgets prioritize war-making and state-terrorism, not providing aid for desperate people – victims of their ruthlessness.

Iraq’s long nightmare includes Jimmy Carter’s orchestrated war with Iran, Operation Desert Storm, years of genocidal sanctions, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and ongoing raging violence and chaos – one of history’s great crimes showing no signs of ending, six US presidents responsible for destroying the cradle of civilization, replacing it with dystopian harshness.

Iraqi 2015 humanitarian efforts fell way short of what’s needed. This year won’t be easier. Millions of internally and externally displaced refugees struggle to survive, deplorably little help forthcoming.

Without it, countless numbers may perish, victims of US imperialism – a universal scourge vital to eliminate, threatening humanity worldwide.

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