US Sponsored « Democracy » in Haiti

The Fix Is in - Motorcycle Army Shooting at Protesters.

In our last post, we explained why we did not want the Senate president to convene the national assembly. ( Haiti’s David and Goliath Battle for Democracy Against U.S.-supported Dictatorship and Monopoly Capitalism .) This European Parliamentary format historically is the regency that maintains the monarchy and the Bank of International Settlements, not the majority voices. 

Yesterday the Senate head, Jocelerme Privert tried to cut the people’s throat. He convened the illegally elected Parliament, seating wrongfully elected Deputies and Senators, together as one. This attempts to erase the protester’s gains against the fraudulent presidential, local and parliamentary elections on August 9 and October 25th. Now the talk is of either Privert or the head of the Supreme Court (Cantave) being appointed as provisional president who will name a consensus provisional PM until elections are held.

Here’s the rub: the Euros kept their illegal, fraudulently elected parliament to use over the people’s wishes. Pierre Opont, the corrupt electoral council president’s last piece of garbage thrown at Haiti will hurt like hell and for more than five years no matter who becomes president, unless this fraudulent parliament is neutralize, goes unrecognized.

The Ezili Network/Free Haiti are made up of the finest Haiti minds. What’s our next play folks to help neutralize this illegal Parliament? To help give the pro-democracy sectors room to set up a proper transitional government that will sort out the Parliamentary and presidential vote and elections? Keep Empire’s violences, fostering corruption, stealing and plundering at bay?? (See the G8 proposition HLLN endorses at!topic/tout-haiti/U2Abqy7gfyI)

This illegal Privet/PHTK/KID Parliament is about to vote away HAITI RICHES to the CORE GROUP. That’s what Opont/US-EU put them in there to do. Stopping the election on Jan 24th was a battle we won. But the war is for Haiti’s riches and the Internationals have sic Parliament on us to vote to approve the new World Bank mining laws; to vote to amend the Haiti Constitution written by the World Bank. The CORE Group basically sneaked the Parliament in with a wink that said – « we know you guys are illegal. But the G8 won’t be bought off. We won’t say anything about your illegality. But as Parliament, you have to vote the World Bank mining amendment; you have to vote to confirm WB Constitutional amendment; you have to vote to approve all of Martelly’s illegal decrees. – That’s the whole ball game folks unless we step up and act instead of reacting. See, Haiti’s David and Goliath Battle for Democracy Against U.S.-supported Dictatorship and Monopoly Capitalism. 

Do not be surprised if at the last hour, this illegal CORE-Group Parliament, at least the Deputy Chamber filled with Martelly party Deputies, votes to extend Martelly’s term until May 14, 2016.

Even if they’re not brazen enough to do this, the Internationals have put a hornet nest of fraudulently elected people in our faces so that Empire may continue to have a reason to be in Haiti, make money with private military security contractors, keep the bogus narrative about the incompetent and divided Haitians who can’t rule themselves, going on…

It’s tragic. Today, Friday, February 5, 2016, men on motorcycles wearing former Haiti army military fatigue are roaming the streets, some shooting and attacking anti-Martelly dictatorship citizens. One was stoned by the crowd near Mason. Allegedly he shot at the crowd and they caught him. It’s ugly stuff.  Word in the street is as of tonight all illegal weapons are legal. Calmer minds must prevail. The Internationals need to back-off with their former Haiti military. Martelly must go without leaving his Duvalierist/Core Group remains behind. This Haitian blood in on the hands of the Clintons, Obama, Kenneth Merten, Paul Farmer NGOs that gave them the PR to illegally put in another Duvalierist Martelly. They are our past, not the future.

Reports are that the people came under heavy gun fire at Champs de Mars. Near Avenue Magloire Ambroise, there’s a grey pick up truck filled with the special police unit known as CIMO. The CIMO truckloads of militarized police are just watching the violence against unarmed people and doing nothing to chase the motorcycle militias or to arrest them. Therse motorcycle militias are part of the old army (FAHD) and the new ones were trained in Ecuador for Martelly. The rumor is they are headed to the national palace. But that is not confirmed. They came out of Delma, Petionville..central command.

(See photo and

and video here

If the past is prologue. The status quo will continue to ramp up their militarized police force and Guy Philippe-like paramilitary continue to kill, incarcerate, terrorize and beat up the anti-corruption protesters in order to demobilize, make fearful and scatter the people into silence.

Empire stills wants to install their fraudulent elections and stooges in Haiti. What can peaceful people with integrity do to save some Haiti lives from the wrath of the rabid elites and their overseers?  (See,

600 British soldiers train Islamic state (Daech) terrorists. – note google English translation below;

Romanian Hacker Who Exposed Clinton Email Scandal Welcomes Extradition and Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

I see a few open doors.
One is the jockeying for the U.S. presidency.
The models of Eritrea, Russia, Zimbabwe and Ghana. All outlawed the NGOs and kicked out the corrupt UN. We do what Desalin and Toussaint did when facing overwhelming force. Give the Clintons their piece of change back. Donald Trump, (who along with Hillary Clinton is the lowest common denominator in Western « civilization ») will probably be the next U.S. president. I know. The duopoly of evil is stomach wrenching. I know. But the US electorate is nowhere as educated about their farcical elections as the Haitian on the streets these last five years against Martelly are.
The wealthiest, most « educated » population on the planet, generally has no clue that the Democrats are lethal to the common man, even more so than the Republicans and the the whole shebang must go!They don’t know that Obama’s War Against the First Black Republic is unspeakable. I’ve said this before and say it again: Give me the KKK, the ultra right skinheads, the Neocons before any of these sniveling emotional Democrats in need of a pat in the back from their victims while they rape you senseless. At least the Republicans honestly want a separation. I’m down with separating from neanderthals. All for it.

Let’s play the Republicans with promise of the Diaspora vote and buy room to renegotiate better use of Haiti human and natural resources. I mean really. There’s no use trying to convince Haitians in the US not to vote. That’s as much of a losing battle as asking local Black Americans to remember how Obama ignored them or the crimes of the Clintons, Bill’s prison industrial complex, et al. So, in the short term, there’s the Republican card to play, or the election card as a whole brings about flux in the « Mr. Smith drones » managing empire across the globe.

Also, Republicans are not about false love. Only war profiteering, institutionalized racism, Zionism, false Christianity PR and profit over people values. Not too different from the Democrats from FDR to Obama. We know we’re at war in Haiti. It’s a slow genocide. We fight the US-Euro warmongering duopoly from one generation to the next. Frankly, there must be an economic revolution in Haiti.  The white Oligarchs from Lebanon, Syria, Israel must account. Neither Reginald Boulos nor Gregory Brandt are authorized negotiate over the people’s heads with the Hillary Clinton/Cheryl Mills-ilks as was done in 2010.

Whoever will stand in solidarity with the people in their desire for justice, participatory democracy, no impunity of the criminals, IN THIS MOMENT, is the force we’re standing with. Whoever will show respect for local Haitians keeping Haiti lands, coastlines, deep water ports, offshore islands, mining riches, to move towards Haiti food sovereignty, to stop fleecing the Haiti Diaspora remittances, to allow the Haitian people to invest in its own informal economy – the Madan Sara, the chauffeur guides, the Tap Tap owners, without taking WB/IMF/NGO ownership – is the force we’re standing with. For now. UP with Haiti self-reliance and local sovereignty. Down with the illegal CORE-Group Parliament, fake elections, fake aid and the occupation in Haiti.

Someone please tell the OAS interlopers in Haiti that any deal between the ousted, defacto president Michel Martelly and the illegal Privert Parliament to continue the international crime scene in Haiti, is dead in the water. So they need not announce it.

See, Haiti’s David and Goliath Battle for Democracy Against U.S.-supported Dictatorship and Monopoly Capitalism

Martelly and his Handlers Commit Crimes against Humanity –  ;Obama’s War Against the First Black Republic

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