Vaccines and the Centers for Disease Control (CDR): Bad Science, or Willful Ignorance? Why the CDC has Lost its Trustworthiness

Despite the fact that I am a physician, I have long been suspicious of the influence of giant multinational medical corporate cartels that are best referred to as Big Pharma, Big Vaccine, Big Medicine, Big Insurance, Big Food, Big Agrichemical, etc. Most clear-headed observers of these industries (that meet the psychiatrist’s DSM definition of sociopathic entities) are justifiably concerned about the inordinate influence that they have over the mainstream media and most of our political parties, legislators and presidents.

These mega-corporations and their cunning multibillionaire owners (the 0.01%) are the paymasters of every politician and political party that thinks that they has to have millions of dollars in their campaign coffers in order to keep their political offices safe. Those paymasters, as is the case with all their other “investments”, expect a handsome long-term return on those investments. Those entities with excess luxury wealth are very serious when it comes to their money. That is why they can be so ruthless when it comes to getting what they want from their stable of politicians, lawyers and the publishers and editors of their newspapers and their television and radio stations.

My consciousness concerning the innate corruption in the vaccine industry was sharply raised when my father (in the totally bogus 1976 Swine Flu that NEVER materialized!) had the peripheral nerves to his hands poisoned by the neurotoxic mercury-containing Swine Flu vaccine. The small muscles that had been previously innervated by both of his radial nerves became permanently paralyzed. Within days the poisonous heavy metal in that vaccine caused a classical Guillain-Barre syndrome that he never recovered from. He never did regain his mastery of what was his lifelong love – fishing.

In a now frequently repeated scenario (the latest ones being the Ebola virus “pandemic” and now the equally  bogus Zika virus/microcephaly epidemic), the vaccine industry’s lobbyists are successfully capitalizing on what is very likely an iatrogenic illness (physician or medicine-caused disease).  And the public health agencies (all indoctrinated into believing the med school myths that all vaccines are safe and effective) are  scaring the wits out of us with plausible, but unproven theories about another vaccine-preventable epidemic.

Then, with the constant stream of propaganda from the once respected Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) shaping the beliefs of an easily freaked-out populace, president and legislature, the vaccine industry presents a blueprint for fast-tracking through the regulatory process a new, potentially dangerous, and likely untested vaccine that will be easily marketed to blindly pro-vaccine clinics and blindly pro-vaccine physicians to be given to every scared-out-of-their-wits patient in hearing range whose insurance will cover the unaffordable costs.

This is American capitalism, folks, and what is happening before our eyes is the old, tried and true strategy to siphon off a few billion dollars from us taxpayers and at the same time jack up the stock price of the corporation.

In retrospect, by the way, my father’s pro-vaccine 1970s internist was not unlike the current crop of doctors. He had been indoctrinated in med school with the notion that all vaccines are safe and effective, despite the fact that vaccines have never had to go through the rigorous science that most drugs have to do to get approval. He was totally in the dark about what had caused the Guillain-Barre syndrome (he said it was the virus).

He was also oblivious to the fact that mercury (which is still in flu shots and our dentist’s “silver” dental fillings to this day) was a serious poison to all tissues, particularly nerve and brain tissue. Unaware of his missed diagnosis (of the root cause), his ignorance made him continue to blindly inoculate the other patients in his clinic, many of whom were likely damaged in any number of ways by the unnecessary – and dangerous – toxic vaccine ingredients.

Since then, I have been confronted with uncounted numbers of patients and stories about the seriously adverse effects of mercury-containing vaccines, aluminum-containing vaccines, and fluoride-containing prescription drugs – especially when they are cavalierly injected into the muscles of tiny infants whose blood-brain barriers are at their most immature and who are increasingly likely to suffer permanent brain damage, especially when the shots are given in unproven combinations. (Some tiny infants – at their 2, 4 or 6 month doctor visits receive as many as eight different antigens at a time, each shot containing potentially neurotoxic substances [aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, antibiotics, viral particles, unfilterable contaminants, etc] that have additive toxic effects and  – what is far worse – synergistic effects when given simultaneously.)

Recently cunning lobbyists from  multinational corporations, particularly the vaccine industry, the genetically-altered mosquito industry, the insecticide and mosquito repellant industries, etc have been influencing the CDC and many well-meaning folks in the legislative and executive branches of government (including President Obama), creating a Zika virus freak-out no different from the other pseudo-epidemic hoaxes in the past (Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Avian Flu, SARS, etc, etc.)

In my reading and research, I came across a CDC document that claimed to teach physicians about the toxicology of aluminum. The book-length opus (see a few excerpts below) had been approved by the notorious (at least in vaccine skeptic circles) Dr Julie Gerberding, who had gone through the infamous government service-directly-to-industry revolving door in 2009.  In Dr Gerberding’s case she went from CDC public service official (where, as head of the CDC, she had shepherded Merck’s untested-for-long-term-safety-OR-efficacy, the first Human Papilloma Virus vaccine Gardisil]) to soon become Director of Merck & Company’s Vaccine Division. See more of the outrageous financial details below (hint: she received a reported $2.5 million salary at Merck, with generous stock options from the company as well).

I am outraged by the poor research that had been done by the various governmental agencies that are supposed to be regulating corporations. Everybody admits it is a fox ruling the henhouse situation. Most of the research quoted in the CDC aluminum toxicology document below was form the 1980s and 1990s, totally ignoring all the new sobering research that reveals how seriously poisonous are aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines. There is no recognition that vaccines are dangerous.

For more details about the new research on the neuro-toxicology of aluminum adjuvants, and the unlikelihood that the Brazilian microcephaly epidemic was caused by a mosquito virus, please google “Zika Virus Freakout – Gary Kohls” and read my series of columns on the subject.  Then for much more click on

to read a number of columns that I have written over the past 14 months on related topics, including mitochondrial damage from vaccine ingredients, brain damage from prescription drugs and vaccines and many other articles on the  vitally important now well-established ASIA syndrome that the CDC, FDA, AAP, AMA, AAFP and the medical establishment are either ignorant about or are otherwise refusing to acknowledge (google the Autoimmune/inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants).

In the meantime read the following CDC document that hardly mentions the now well-known fact that aluminum is a neurotoxin that, when it damages the brains of fetuses, is then legitimately called a teratogen. (A teratogen is any substance that can disturb the development of an embryo or fetus and thus cause a birth defect in the child.) The document talks about the toxicity of aluminum being given by mouth or inhalation or trans-dermally (through the skin) and even intravenously, but never mentions that aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines are injected intramuscularly, where they are dramatically more toxic than by any other route. It is a frightening example of bad science, which translates, of course, into bad medicine.

The CDC should be apologizing to every vaccine-injured baby, child, adult and family member and until it does, its veracity in the future needs to be constantly questioned. Here are portions of the 2008 document, which, to my knowledge, has not been updated. The italicized sentences immediately below have been added to the text by myself, and the underlining in the main text was also added by myself, in order to highlight certain important points, omissions or distractions.

Dr Kohls is a retired physician who practiced holistic, non-drug, mental health care for the last decade of his family practice career. He now writes a weekly column for the Reader Weekly, an alternative newsweekly published in Duluth, Minnesota, USA. Many of Dr Kohls’ columns are archived at and at


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