Video: The US-Canada-France Coup d’Etat against Jean Bertrand Aristide and the People of Haiti
Par Jafrik Aayiti, 25 septembre 2016
CBC 3 mars 2004
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The images and sounds I recorded in Haiti during my December 2003-January 2004 trip have had a profound impact on my life, as the events which unfolded then and shortly afterwards continue to affect the lives of the people for whom I care the most.

A few weeks after my return to Canada, the dreaded coup d’état happened on February 29, 2004.

Counterspin, the CBC show in which I participated alongside Ezili Danto (Marguerite), Jean Fils-Aimé and Chlotilde Charlot, is indicative of the deep wounds inflicted on the Haitian people by « The Ottawa Initiative on Haiti » (code word for the secret meetings held to plot the 2004 coup and foreign occupation of Haiti).

More than a decade later, after having counted over 1 million Haitian victims of U.N. cholera, countless rapes and murders at the hands the foreign occupation forces, the perverts in blue helmets; having seen the return of Duvalier ahead of President Aristide… I wonder if my brothers and sisters who were once either supporters or deniers of the coup, have a different assesment now, than they had then.

Unfortunately, this was one of the last episodes of Counterspin. Now, the spin goes on with little challenge, if any, on CBC Radio-Canada.

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