War in Ukraine: Bombs and Terror for the People of Donetsk, and US Snipers…

Last night was once more a night of terror for the civilian population of the Peoples Republic of Donetsk, and especially for those at the edge of the capital.

« From 18:00 till midnight the Ukrainian side was shelling the localitites of Trudovskiye and Aleksandrovka of the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, and also the territory of the airport and the industrial zone. 127 shells of 82mm and 120mm calibre, and also eight artillery projectiles of 122mm calibre came in on these districts, » said an official of the DPR.

The Gorlovka region wasn’t spared either the night before, as no fewer than 15 mortars landed on the village of Zaitsevo.

The Ukrainian army also used infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers and small arms last night. And though the number of victims and the amount of destruction is yet to be confirmed, further south, at Sakhanka, a civilian of 53 years was injured during the bombardment of the area by the Ukrainian army with 82 mm mortars.

The previous night in the same area, two civilians were wounded in the bombing and 15 houses were damaged. And yesterday, a Ukrainian sabotage attack, covered by diversionary fire of mortars and artillery, killed two soldiers of the DPR and kidnapped a third. (The positions of the Ukrainian army are quite near the front line town of Shirokino.)

In violation of its mandate, OSCE refused to register the bombing:

« Yesterday the OSCE observers refused to register the bombing of the southern villages of the Republic and to help restore the cease-fire, » said a spokesman for the operational command of the army of DPR.

Decidedly, the more this goes on, the more we have to wonder what’s the use of OSCE being there, especially when you see its silence with the arrival on the front of new military equipment and foreign snipers on the Ukrainian side: Intelligence services of the People’s Republic of Donetsk have detected the presence of heavy mortars and American snipers near Gorlovka.

« Our intelligence services continue to identify military equipment of the FAU that will be destroyed if the punishers launch an offensive. Thus, near the town of Mayorsk (1.5 km from the contact line) near the bridge, we detected the firing positions of six 120 mm mortars, » said Edward Bassurin, second in command of the DPR Army.

« In addition, our intelligence services have established the presence of snipers who arrived in the area of the ATO from the United States. We are now gathering the facts documenting their criminal activities against the people of Donbass, » said Bassurin.

Despite these flagrant violations of agreements signed in Minsk, the army of the DPR, continues to respect these agreements. Thus following the withdrawal of the armed forces which finally happened in Petrovskoye, deminers of the DPR’s army started demining the area, as agreed in the disengagement agreement.

However, a resumption of hostilities seemed imminent, in the background of growing popular discontent in Ukraine and growing tensions between Ukraine and Poland (yet one of its most fervent supporters), following the launch of the film « Volyn » by director Wojciech Smarzowski. His film exposed the massacre of Volyn Poles by Ukrainian nationalists during World War II — An episode that the current Ukrainian authorities would like to keep hidden from the eyes of the world, because it shows the real face of those « Heroes of Ukraine, » Bandera and his fellow collaborators.

As at the time of the release of Paul Moreira’s documentary « Ukraine: the masks of the revolution, » the film triggered an outcry in Ukraine, with the Ukrainian media literally raging against him.

Yet this film is about historically proven facts and recalls that while millions of Ukrainians fought the Nazis in the Red Army during World War II, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian nationalists, including the Nationalist Organization Ukrainians (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), collaborated with Nazi forces during their occupation of what were the Polish and Ukrainian territories.

In addition to campaigns of mass murder against Jews, Gypsies, Soviet prisoners of war and Ukrainian anti-fascists, the UPA nationalists conducted an extensive campaign of ethnic cleansing of the Polish minority in western Ukraine. According to historians, this genocide (recognized as such recently by Poland) was between 80 000 and 120 000 deaths, mostly women and children,murdered between 1943 and 1945.

An episode that recalls sadly the ongoing genocide in Donbass, and on which Western governments turned a blind eye while they wave the humanitarian cloth before the UN concerning the Syrian civilian population to save their jihadist « investment » in Aleppo .

The two resolutions, Russian and French, on this issue have both been refused, the confrontation between the Western bloc and Russia and its allies now seems inevitable. The only question that remains is when and where will come the spark that will ignite the fire?

Translated from Russian by Fort-Russ

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