Six Reasons Why the Iowa Caucus Turned into a Voter Fraud Circus in Favor of Hillary

The Half Dozen Biggest Reasons

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No sooner out the gate with the closest caucus vote in Iowa history already on the books, the very first state tally of delegate votes leading to the 2016 presidential election bears strong indication of voter fraud. It’s been reported that Hillary Clinton instructed her staff in Iowa to rig the caucus voting by falsely standing in the O’Malley corner of the room when the final precinct hand counts are tallied.

Since Martin O’Malley supporters fell drastically short with only about 1% of the required 15% “viability threshold” needed for his delegate votes in each precinct to be included in the final count, standard Iowa caucus protocol stipulates that any O’Malley voters would then be given the option to back either Clinton or Bernie Sanders in a final tally.

But Hillary already cheated having dictated to her staff to go and falsely be counted as O’Malley supporters voting for Hillary in the final count when she knew O’Malley supporters would by default favor Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. That’s the first major discrepancy coming out of Iowa earlier this week implicating voter fraud in the caucus. Ironically back in the 2008 Obama vs. Hillary campaign cycle, it was Hillary crying afoul when the Obama camp cut a deal with Bill Richardson supporters to use this very same unethical, deceitful tactic that the already untrustworthy, win-at-all-cost Hillary’s now apparently pulled in Iowa.

The second even more blatant evidence that the Iowa state caucus and entire Democratic Party presidential election process has been rigged is that mega-giant corporation Microsoft founder Bill Gates is now in charge of counting both the Democratic and Republican votes in this year’s state primary elections.

Tech savvy Betanews journalist Brian Fagioli recently had this to say about Microsoft counting votes:

Closed source technologies from companies like Microsoft could, in theory, contain backdoors or vulnerabilities that hackers and evildoers could exploit. Even worse, Microsoft or its employees could purposely alter voting software to influence outcomes.

Combine that reality with the all too cozy relationship between Microsoft and the Clintons and you have a suspiciously compromised conflict of interest.

The fact is the Gates Foundation along with Microsoft employees have literally donated millions of dollars to Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. As Microsoft’s Executive VP and Chief Strategy Officer up until last year, Mark Penn has also been called Hillary’s “pollster, chief strategist and message guru all wrapped into one.” Like all good practicing globalists never failing to back both sides, Gates also happens to be the second largest financier for Republican Florida Senator Mark Rubio. That the Clinton-Gates-Rubio ties run so deep should suffice as cut-and-dry evidence proving that a serious conflict of interest breach should have legally prevented Microsoft from any stake in this year’s election. But an all too obvious reason Microsoft’s counting votes is the same reason that another diehard Hillary loyalist Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in charge as National Chair of the Democratic National Committee, in and of itself signifying yet another serious conflict of interest advantage heavily favoring the deep pocketed Hillary camp. The powers-that-be make no bones about who they are handpicking to be their next presidential puppet. And pro-corporate warmonger Hillary’s their guy… or gal.

First the Supreme Court’s decision in 2010 to permit oligarchs to legally bribe politicians with unlimited campaign donations and now mega-corporations playing such a critical determining factor on who gets elected by vote count despite the fact that corporations’ vested interest openly favor one candidate over another defies all fair practice ethics and clearly demonstrates a conflict of interest. But in today’s admittedly official oligarchy, special interests rule in utter contempt and mockery over the Founding Fathers’ notion that a democratic government should serve the interests of its citizenry as its voting electorate. Instead what we’re now left with is a revolving door of secret no bid contractors and corporate-political cronyism where a handful of elitist players move in and out of a shadow government and the private sector, frequently stopping off as go-between lobbyists ensuring unbounded money, power and control grow more absolute in fewer hands.

The reality that outsiders like Bernie Sanders (who in 12 months came from 53.8% points behind Clinton to tie her in Iowa) and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump are in strong position at all to secure the corrupt two party system’s nominations has the establishment worried. So what does the elite do? Ensure that once again electronic voting will be used to tamper with election results and make certain that without a paper trail ballot only handpicked CFR-approved candidates like Hillary obtain their party nomination. Just this fact alone that Microsoft smartphone apps are serving as this year’s primary electronic vote counter throughout both the Democratic and Republican presidential election process smacks of in-our-face, over-the-top foul play.

As a result, the Bernie Sanders camp took the enterprising initiative and went ahead to develop its own electronic apps in order to counterbalance the built-in Microsoft bias. In the last couple days their efforts to review the math sheets signed off by precinct chairs and cross-checking them with numbers fed to Microsoft apps has unsurprisingly resulted in the Sanders staff already finding a number of inconsistencies.

Reason number 3 that the Iowa caucus was rigged is that both CNN and The Blaze reported that the final tally was missing votes from 90 Iowa precincts. How can a final count be considered legitimate and final if not all, especially as large a chunk as 90 precincts comprising 5% of all the state’s total number of votes haven’t even been included in the final outcome especially in the closest Iowa caucus contest in history? Early Tuesday morning the Clinton staff had already opportunistically proclaimed premature victory with a statistical tie of 49.8% to Sanders’ 49.54% minus the 5% of precinct votes still never counted.

Despite the Iowa Democratic Party acknowledging this enormous discrepancy, apparently with Hillary backer Debbie Wasserman Schultz, this gargantuan 90 precinct “oversight” appears to have merely been quickly cast aside like it never even happened. The lame excuse Wasserman’s party used to explain the missing 90 precincts from the final tally was that the Democratic Party didn’t have sufficient staff for assignment to all those missing precinct locations. How much you want to bet that those missing precincts voted strongly in favor of Sanders?

Reason number 4 to conclude that election fraud occurred in Iowa is that C-SPAN actually captured on video at the Polk County precinct the caucus chair and the Clinton precinct captain not even bothering to conduct a final count of the caucus voters and then the Clinton precinct captain caught lying to the Sanders precinct captain. This came after an initial count had Sanders with 238 to Clinton’s 218 votes. But somehow in the end Hillary Clinton suddenly managed to magically gain 14 more votes for a total of 232 while Bernie Sanders’ count mysteriously slumped to just 224. Miscounting votes by deliberate fraud gets inadvertently captured on camera for the world to see just how the undemocratic beacon of America – land of the not-so-free – in actuality operates like the closed totalitarian system it is.

Reason number 5 that strongly suggests that voter fraud took place this week in Iowa is that the results were determined by six coin tosses in a row all favoring Hillary to ultimately decide the winner. After six county precincts ended up in dead ties between Clinton and Sanders, by state protocol those six precincts did a coin toss to determine the winner and in all six counties we’re supposed to actually believe that Hillary’s tails won. Though Clinton’s known for telling fish tales, it shouldn’t have overturned the virtually impossible statistical odds of just 1.56%. Just one more highly incredulous piece to what already appears to be a criminal case of voter fraud.

The long history of voter fraud in America takes us to the sixth and final reason to believe voter fraud marred the Iowa caucus results. With the two George W. Bush stolen elections in both 2000 and again in 2004, it’s become an entrenched American tradition, proving that electronic fraud can only be remedied by a paper trail ballot. So in 2016 it may seem hard to believe that archaic coin tossing, more miscounted and missing votes along with more electronic tampering minus paper ballots are still tilting and dirtying up the US politics machine. But pretty much like everything else that’s one wrong in this world, globalist design wouldn’t have it any other way.

Long before Bush there was Andrew Jackson’s defeat to John Quincy Adams in 1824 called the “Corrupt Bargain.” Of course Jackson would later be vindicated as America’s seventh president and last of the people’s champion to crush the elite’s relentless effort to establish its private central banking system that permanently wrested power and control away from the federal government into the waiting hands of the megalomaniacal bankers. When asked what his greatest achievement was during his two term presidency, Jackson replied, ”I killed the bank.” But unfortunately less than a century later the banksters were back with their ultimate coup d’état. Just before Christmas in 1913 when the House was near empty, the elite snuck through their Federal Reserve Act and debtor nation America’s never been the same since. Never-ending war for bankers’ profits have been in control ever since.

Numerous flagrant lapses in Iowa’s vote count illustrate not only how low and desperate Hillary Clinton has sunk but also unveils the depth of corruption in American politics. Additionally it’s a reflection of Clinton’s frantic race to steal her party’s nomination prior to her potential indictment for high crime treason after being caught red-handed as Secretary of State using her own private email server to make illicit arms deals while selling off America’s national security to highest foreign bidders and then repeatedly lying about it. Then there’s her arms smuggling that gave rise to arming ISIS terrorists with heavy weapons and the Benghazi affair where she was responsible for the murder of four Americans and her culpability literally dodging the truth with her well-timed accidental fall after that scandal.

The long crime familyline of the Clintons and Bushes just like our lame duck, CIA spawned Manchurian president are the elite’s modern day puppets representing the shadowy sinister elements operating inside the United States that hijacked Washington and never left after assassinating America’s greatest leaders in the 1960’s – both Kennedys as well as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Currently the same international crime cabal ruling over the United States is also firmly entrenched ruling Israel, Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan. Though the UN through its Agenda 21 as its operationalized blueprint for the future are currently in the process still formalizing and codifying world governance laws on climate change, even without TTP and TTIP ratification, the citizens of the world are already living in debtor chains under the deep state tyranny of a one world government that has the ruling elite for more than a century cherry picking its puppet leaders from every Western nation. The corrupt election process embodied in Iowa this week ensures their handpicked, elitist-approved candidates win on every continent.

These obvious anomalies in Iowa quickly stacking up in just the first state contest deciding which party candidate will get the presidential nomination reminds us of the anomalies that invariably surface after every state sponsored terrorism false flag. The governments’ official narrative lies always fail miserably to conceal the lowdown truth. The corruption and criminality characterizing today’s US federal government crime cabal operating currently in Washington undoubtedly has to be the worst and most blatant in recorded American history. But then in the rise and fall of all known civilizations and empires throughout human history, this same final stage of unprecedented immoral and perverse decay occurs like clockwork just prior to their epic collapse as they crumble and crash to the ground. So why would the US Empire in all its present day depravity be any different? It isn’t, and it’s now tumbling down at freefall speed.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at

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