Withdrawal of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Northern Syria Following Intensive Russian Air Raids?

On June 8, ISIS militants withdrew from a number villages in Northern Syria, passing them to the so-called “rebel groups.” The withdrawal has started in the villages of Kafrkalbin, Kaljibreen and Sandaf. Without any significant resistance, ISIS passed the vital area between the cities of Azaz and Mare to other armed groups, proving one more time the tactical cooperation between ISIS and Turkish- Saudi- backed militants.

The Russian Aerospace Forces detected and destroyed an ISIS oil tanker convoy on in the southwestern part of the Raqqa province. Several oil tankers were destroyed and a number of militants killed by air strikes.

Russian warplanes also intensified air raids in the area in and near the city of Aleppo. The most intense air raids were observed in the area of Khan Tuman where Al Nusra and allies had seized few villages from the pro-government forces. Russian warplanes were also observed near Anadan, Haritan and Kafr Hamra. Trucks with weapons and munitions, escorted by some 160 Al-Nusra militants, have been seen crossing over from Turkey into Syria in the north of Idlib province, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported. The militants were heading to Aleppo.

Syrian Arab Army troops continued repelling attacks of al-Nusra in northeastern, northwestern and southwestern suburbs of the Aleppo city. Military equipment of militants has been registered moving to Tell Nsibin region from Haretan. Terrorists failed to break through defensive of the government troops.

The SAA, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, continued the advance in the province of Raqqa, seizing the Rasafeh Crossroad in western Raqqa. Late June 8, units of the SAA’s 555th Regiment of the 4th Mechanized Division and Desert Hawks were within 30 km of the Tabaqa Military Airport. No more significant gains were reported while heavy clashes were ongoing in the area.

he Syrian Democratic Forces, backed and managed by the US military, are finishing the encirclement of the ISIS-controlled city of Manbij. By now, the only logistical line, controlled by ISIS in the area, is the Manbij-Al Bab road.

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